Trump Reacts – “This Election Was Stolen!” Contingent Election Is Possible, Some Experts Believe

On Friday, President Donald Trump, in an interview with the New York Post, commented about the current state of the 2020 Presidential election. While many major news outlets are calling for the election for Joe Biden, President Trump is continuing his investigations into irregularities and potential fraud. He noted, “this election was stolen.”

Of the many irregularities, the Trump team referenced reports of poll watchers not being able to observe the vote-tallies, as well as speculation over Dominion voting systems, altering votes to favor Joe Biden.

The President has several ongoing legal challenges in battleground states. These challenges, some experts believe, could result in preventing Joe Biden from obtaining the needed 270 Electoral College votes and would trigger a “contingent election,” forcing the election to be decided by state delegates in the House.

While a “contingent election” is one of several possible outcomes, there is an increasing awareness of this possibility across social media and major media outlets.

A contingent election is a procedure used only three times in American history (1801, 1825 and 1837). This proceedure was established to decide an election if an absolute majority of votes in the Electoral College did not exist. At that time, the House of Representatives would choose the President.

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