Trump Set for Pivotal First Debate Against Elderly & Life-Long Politician

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President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump are set to face off in the first debate of the 2024 general election on Thursday night in Atlanta. This highly anticipated event is expected to be a defining moment in the presidential race, with both candidates eager to present their visions for the future of America.

Why It Matters

The debate will provide voters with a critical opportunity to evaluate the policies and capabilities of the two oldest presidential candidates in American history.

Who It Impacts

The outcome of this debate will influence American voters, shaping opinions and potentially swaying undecided voters in the upcoming election.

All eyes are on Atlanta this Thursday night as President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump prepare to engage in their first debate of the 2024 general election. This event marks their first shared stage in four years and is anticipated to be a turning point in the presidential race.

The debate, featuring the two oldest presidential candidates in American history, will be intensely scrutinized for their energy, appearance, reasoning, and reactions. Many view this as more than just a policy discussion; it is expected to be a significant performance that could sway public opinion.

CNN will broadcast the debate live at 9 PM EST, with additional coverage on various news networks, including The Epoch Times’ sister media, NTD TV. Moderators Jake Tapper and Dana Bash will guide the discussion from CNN’s Atlanta studios, ensuring a structured and engaging debate. The event will last 90 minutes, inclusive of two commercial breaks, and will be devoid of a live audience, eliminating any interruptions from applause or boos.

In a unique move, microphones will be muted when a candidate is not speaking, ensuring that each participant has an uninterrupted opportunity to present their viewpoints. Both candidates will have access to a pen, paper, and water, but no props or prewritten notes will be allowed on stage.

President Biden is expected to differentiate himself from Trump by highlighting the former president’s felony conviction and attacking his stance on abortion, positioning him as “the architect” of the Supreme Court’s decision to overturn Roe v. Wade. Biden will likely defend his economic policies, contrasting them with Trump’s tax cuts, which he claims benefited the wealthy disproportionately.

Trump, on the other hand, is anticipated to focus on issues such as illegal immigration, inflation, and the increase in global conflicts over the past two years. He will likely criticize Biden’s handling of these issues, aiming to portray the current administration as ineffective and harmful to the nation’s interests.

The dynamics of the debate will also be interesting to observe, especially how Trump manages his demeanor. In a recent interview with the Washington Examiner, Trump acknowledged losing support after the first debate in 2020 due to frequent interruptions. He noted, “The second debate, I handled it much differently and got very good marks.”

Biden’s performance will be under the microscope, particularly regarding concerns about his age and cognitive abilities. Democrat strategist Christy Setzer commented that Biden tends to rise to challenges, citing his strong performance during the State of the Union address as a rebuttal to Republican criticisms.

The debate’s context is also worth noting. Trump has expressed concerns about bias from the host network, CNN, and the moderators, which could influence his approach and responses during the event. After a coin toss, Biden chose to stand at the right podium from the TV viewers’ perspective, leaving Trump on the left. Notably, Trump will have the last word during the closing statements.

Preparation strategies for the debate differ significantly between the candidates. Biden has opted for a traditional approach, conducting mock debates at Camp David. In contrast, Trump is focusing on refining his policy descriptions through discussions with key advisers, including Senators J.D. Vance and Marco Rubio, both considered potential running mates.

This debate, held earlier than usual in the election cycle, raises questions about its viewership. Historically, the first debate garners the most attention, but its placement in the middle of summer may impact audience numbers. Previous debates have attracted millions of viewers, with the first Trump-Biden debate in 2020 drawing 73.1 million viewers. It remains to be seen if this debate will reach similar or greater heights.