“We Have Specific Evidence” – Giuliani Filing Huge Lawsuit IN GA As Early As Tomorrow

Giulani is back in the spotlight and is making big news about Georgia. Addressing efforts to expose voter fraud, Giuliani told reporters the Trump campaign is going to be filing a significant lawsuit in Georgia by tomorrow. “We’re going to file a major lawsuit in Georgia.” He went on to add, “In the city of Atlanta, Republicans were not allowed to watch the absentee mail-in ballot process. Inspections completely cast aside. And we have numerous double voters, we have numerous out-of-state voters, and we have specific evidence of intimidation and changes of the vote. That will all be in the lawsuit that comes out tomorrow.”

The lawsuit is expected to turn heads, as the Trump campaign has been claiming the existence of evidence of fraud. This lawsuit is believed to contain detailed information and shedding light on what is fast becoming a major concern for both the right and left.

The lawyer has pointed to filing similar lawsuits in key battleground states, including Arizona, Virginia and New Mexico.