“We’re Moving Full Speed Ahead” – Trump Confident About Upcoming Legal Cases

Late Monday night, President Trump took to Twitter and had strong words for those who think their campaign is losing traction saying, “We’re moving full speed ahead. Will never conceded to fake ballots & ‘Dominion.”

This tweet follows on the heals of three pieces of news that is causing frustration among conservatives. First, Sidney Powell was formally distanced from the Trump campaign. Second, Georgia has certified the election votes. Third, the GSA has begun the transition process for a Biden Administration.

As we look at the events unfolding, we are still awaiting the “epic” and “biblical” lawsuits that Sidney Powell has promised to release as soon as this week. Ms. Powell, acting independently, is said to have proof of massive fraud, describing her own pending discloser as “releasing the Kraken.”

Conservatives are growing impatient, wanting information to be released sooner rather than later. However, if the fraud is this widespread, legal cases need to be prepared and meticulously thought-out. It is believed that the legal teams (independent and not) are busy gathering information and planning their case, which takes time.

The process is working itself out. Instead of listening to the media, let’s believe Trump when he says, “we are moving full speed ahead.”