“We’re Prepared” Republicans Ready To Tackle Any Irregularities in Georgia Run-Off Election

With all the focus on the Presidential election, it’s easy to forget another important election happening in Georgia. Currently, there is a run-off election for two Senate seats. And this election is close.

If the democrats win both seats, it would split the partisan Senate-vote by an even 50/50, leaving the tie-breaking vote up to the Vice President. But, if republicans prevail, they would enjoy a tight (but comfortable) majority.

As we’ve seen from Georgia, there is the strong suspicion of voter irregularities and potential fraud. To combat this, the National Republic Senatorial Committee is making a historic effort to ensure the run-off is legal and accurate.

“We have more attorneys, we have more election observers, and on-the-ground election experts than we’ve ever had in the US Senate election,” Sen. Todd Young, R-Ind said in a recent interview. Young went on to state, “we’re prepared to contest any irregularities that might happen.”

The seriousness in which the NRSC is taking should put many conservatives at-ease. The widespread irregularities that have plagued the presidential election in key swing states (particularly Georgia) have created anxiety and have called voting systems into question.

The run-offs are scheduled of Jan 5 2021.