YouTube Wants You To Know You Are Horrible – Sends Out Cringey (and weird) Thanksgiving Tweets

You’ve put away your dishes. You’ve had your nap. You’ve put the leftovers in the fridge and, barring any unwanted arguments with family, you probably had an alright Thanksgiving yesterday.

But here’s the rub….yesterday wasn’t Thanksgiving.

Believe it or not, your culturally-appropriated activities were committed on “Unthanksgiving.”

Yup, you insensitive American. You may have been thinking you were partaking in a long-standing American tradition that honors the hardships our nation’s forefathers endured, as they tried to survive and experience religious freedom outside the control of an oppressive government.

But you were SOOOO wrong!

The TRUE reality is, you were stuffing your face on a day completely dedicated to “Indigenous history, activism and resistance.”

It’s called “Unthanksgiving,” you uneducated and privileged American.

And the large American corporation that wants to re-educate you about this is nonother than YouTube.

In a cringe-worthy display of passive-aggressive virtue-signaling, the woke video-sharing service felt the need to interrupt weary-Americans silly excuse to spend time with friends and family (limited to 10 people, of course) and remind them they are a sorry bunch of people who don’t really have anything to be thankful for. In fact, their thankfulness is probably a micro-aggression and a clear sign of unconscious-bias.

I mean, whose land is it really?

Yesterday, YouTube released four poorly-made tweets that went out on Unthanksgiving. The whimsical designs offer a childlike appearance, making it seem like YouTube actually expects people to be on board with this. But in reality, it’s just weird, unwanted, and condescending.

To the YouTube intern who made these tweets, just stop. You need to relax. It’s okay to let people have their fun.

Here are the tweets.