Fox News Cuts Ties with MyPillow, Removing Advertisements

Mike Lindell | Source:

It has been reported that Fox News has decided to drop MyPillow, the popular bedding company known for its distinctive pillow products.

This decision was confirmed by Mike Lindell, the CEO of MyPillow, during an interview with Newsweek. According to Lindell, the advertisements for MyPillow have been removed from Fox News.

The cancellation of MyPillow’s advertising deals with Fox News comes amidst ongoing legal and financial challenges faced by Mike Lindell. The exact reasons behind Fox News cutting ties with MyPillow have not been explicitly stated. However, it is worth noting that in recent times, Mike Lindell has faced criticism and lawsuits relating to his spreading of misinformation regarding the 2020 presidential election.

This move by Fox News to sever its advertising relationship with MyPillow marks a significant development. Previously, Mike Lindell had been a prominent advertiser on the network, sticking with Fox News despite controversies that led other advertisers to distance themselves. The loss of MyPillow ads from Fox News could have financial implications for both parties involved.

MyPillow has been a well-known brand, gaining recognition for its commercials featuring Mike Lindell’s personal endorsement. However, this recent decision by Fox News to pull MyPillow advertisements suggests a shift in their relationship. The impact of this decision on the future of MyPillow’s advertising strategy and its overall business remains to be seen.