Why We Exist

American 1 exists to ensure the Founding Principles of our Constitutional Republic are protected for the next generation.

Who We Are

American 1 is a fast-growing conservative media company that features pro-American commentary, entertainment, and news about the latest in politics, technology, business, and culture.  

We are an intelligent constitution-oriented outlet, speaking boldly to those who can think for themselves and want the truth, not legacy-media’s spin.  

Conceived by Jim Crawford, American 1 was created as a place for unapologetic conservatives to explore and think through today’s issues. The content we produce is rooted in free-speech and comes from a constitutional (and common sense) perspective.   

We deliver relevant analysis and commentary that helps our viewers arcuately understand modern events from a sound and conservative standpoint. The contributors featured on this channel offer honest and a more-technical analysis than what you’d usually expect to see on major legacy-media outlets.  

American 1 reporting and commentary cover a broad range of subjects that are relevant, timely, and essential. We believe today’s events are best understood when it’s seen in the light of truth, history, and philosophy. This is who we are. Join us at american1.com.