Editorial Standards

Newsroom Standards and Ethics  

American1 news reporting adheres to the highest standards of honesty, integrity and fairness. Our dedication to the correct interpretation of events is a reason why we are trusted by our readers and viewers. While we are unabashedly American, we strive to uphold impartial perspectives and avoid any substantial bias when reporting the news. 

Due Diligence 

We adhere to the highest standards of credibility, ensuring our sources are authenticated for accuracy and authority to be speaking on the subject at hand. We also strive to ensure our readers and viewers have a comprehensive understanding of various topics, providing (where we can) the opportunity to hear and understand both sides of the political divide. Additionally, we strive to speak with a neutral tone and not push for a specific agenda, other than the correct interpretation of the news and constitution.  

Opinion and Commentary 

Separate from news reporting, we allow a select group of trusted writers and commentators to express their perspectives freely. This means the opinions we seek from various commentators should be the unvarnished opinion of the person speaking. These moments allow our readers and viewers to fully understand what our writers and commentators truly feel about any given topic. We believe Americans have the right to speak freely and should not be censored and/or afraid to talk about what really matters to them. These types of opinion-oriented communications are separate from what is considered news reporting and exist for the benefit for those who would like to know a specific commentator’s/writer’s view of events.