12 States Join Lawsuit Against Biden Over Climate Change Executive Order

Twelve state attorney generals have joined together to sue the Biden administration over a climate change executive order issued in January. The attorney generals are arguing that Biden’s executive order could severely impact their state’s economies.

Attorney generals from Montana, Indiana, Kansas, Arizona, Nebraska, Arkansas, Tennessee, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Nebraska, Ohio, and Utah joined the lawsuit, which was originally filed by Missouri Attorney General Eric Schmitt.

The attorney generals are alleging that Biden did not have the authority to issue Executive Order 13990, also titled, ‘Protecting Public Health and the Environment and Restoring Science to Tackle the Climate Crisis.” 

“Manufacturing, agriculture, and energy production are essential to Missouri’s economy and employ thousands of hard-working Missourians across the state. Under President Biden’s executive order, which he didn’t have the authority to enact, these hard-working Missourians who have lived and worked this land for generations could be left in the dust,” Missouri Attorney General Schmitt said on Monday.

The lawsuit states that Biden Executive Order threatens the Constitution’s separation of power doctrine and argues that it could cause trillions of dollars worth of damage to the national economy.

The lawsuit states, “In practice, this enormous figure will be used to justify an equally enormous expansion of federal regulatory power that will intrude into every aspect of Americans’ lives, from their cars, to their refrigerators and homes, to their grocery and electric bills.”