$2.5 Million – Cuomo Using Taxpayer’s Money For His Own Legal Defense Against Sexual Misconduct Allegations and COVID Probe

After being $5 million for his book about being a leader during the pandemic, the taxpayers of New York are paying for Andrew Cuomo’s legal defense.

According to the New York post, the less-fit Cuomo brother has obtained defense attorneys at a rate of $900 an hour to represent him against multiple sexual harassment allegations and his deceptive reporting of COVID deaths in nursing homes. In total, the taxpayers of New York are paying $2.5 million to protect the more successful Cuomo bro.

The report said, “The $2.5 million deal, revealed in a contract made public through a Freedom of Information Request by The Post, was struck even though Cuomo sold the rights to his coronavirus memoir for $5.1 million and has around $17 million in his campaign war chest. The three-term Democrat is also holding a $10,000-a-head fundraiser later this month amid an ongoing impeachment probe by the state Assembly’s Judiciary Committee.”

During a press conference, Cuomo addressed the expensive legal bill by saying, “The state — the way it works is the Executive Chamber has retained the counsel and that is a state expense. That has been [the case] in every investigation. So that’s where we are now.”