80% Lethality – A New COVID Strain Has Been Created By Boston University Researchers

Researchers in the United States have engineered a deadly hybrid strain of COVID in their laboratories, claiming their tests show it has an 80% kill rate.

This strain is a mutant, which combines Omicron and the original COVID CCP virus. It carries with it a high degree of mortality in studies performed on mice.

According to the study, rodents, when exposed to Omicron, exhibited very minor symptoms. However, when rodents were exposed to the hybrid COVID strain, the effect was 5x more than Omicron.

The researchers claim they isolated Omicron’s spike protein, which enables the virus to be attached to human cells. They then combined the spike protein with that of the original COVID protein from Wuhan.

The news of this new strain’s creation is shocking to those who believe the original COVID was made in a laboratory in Wuhan. It is also shocking that these types of engineering processes still occur.

Mutating viruses to make them more lethal in humans is the underlying goal of gain-of-function research. The reported reason for this type of research primarily revolves around expanding understanding of viruses in hopes of one day preventing or effectively combating a future outbreak.

However, those critical of such research believe gain-of-function activities are unnecessary and put the public at risk.