AOC Claims Jan. 6 Footage Re-Traumatized Her


The first day of the Jan. 6 Select Committee hearings may have resulted in Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) being “re-traumatized” from watching the video footage of the event.

“Good Lord,” AOC wrote on Twitter, “The way it all comes rushing back into the body. It’s like that day all over again” as she shared a cellphone video of the television screen showing protesters outside the Capitol building. Then, cutting to lawmakers evacuating through Congressman Kevin McCarthy’s office.

According to AOC’s claims, the “screams were everywhere.” She accused “right-wingers” of downplaying the event, which she labeled terrorism. Her initial social media posts led followers to believe AOC was “on the frontlines” of the attack.

However, the Postmillennial reported in February 2021 that AOC was not in the part of the Capitol complex where the riot occurred. Instead, she was in her office in the Cannon House Office Building, which is accessed through a tunnel.

Another congressional representative was in the same building, in the same hall as AOC the day of the riot. Rep. Nancy Mace (R-SC) confirmed she was in her office two doors down from AOC and that rioters never breached their hallway. Mace called out the young progressive congresswoman as “egregious” in her actions.

However, in December 2020 AOC was advocating for “protests” on her Twitter account, noting that protests made people uncomfortable and that was the point.

The Postmillennial also pointed out that in July 2021 that two-thirds of voters wanted an investigation into the widespread violence, looting and rioting that took place over 120 days in the summer of 2020. That was not undertaken by Congress.