‘Chinese Understand Strength’ Former Democrat Ambassador To China Calls Biden ‘Weak’ Amidst Taiwan Developments

Gage Skidmore https://commons.wikimedia.org

Max Baucus, Former Ambassador to China under the Obama Administration, noted on Tuesday how the developments surrounding Peloci’s trip to Taiwan ultimately make Biden appear weak. “Poor Joe Biden. He looks weak because he either told her not to go and it looks weak to the Chinese guys or he’s weak because he told her not to go and she went anyway. And that makes us look a little bit weak to the Chinese.”

Baucus went on to say, “I got to tell you, during the time I was serving in Beijing, one thing I really learned: Chinese understand strength better than do people in any other country, and they could smell weakness 100 miles away. We’ve got to be strong but strong in the best sense.”


These comments came before China responded to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s controversial visit to Taiwan. It has been reported Communist China fired ballistic missiles toward the small country, coming miles from Taiwan’s shorelines.

Reports have emerged stating the missiles came from Matsu Islands.

Additional details include that the Taiwan Strait media line was crossed by Chinese naval ships.

These developments come during a time when a bill pushing for Taiwan to be recognized as an official non-NATO ally is being fought by the Biden administration. The legislation, according to Bloomberg, “would provide Taiwan with $4.5 billion in security aid ad support its participation in international organizations.” This legislation is supported by Senate Foreign Relations Chair Bob Mendez (D-NJ) and Lindsey Graham (R-SC). Both are said to hold anti-China sentiments.

In response to this legislation, Senator Chris Murphy (D-CT), who is also part of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, said “The White House has significant concerns. He also said, “I have significant concerns.” Mendez defended the bill saying, “As China challenges us across every dimension of national security — militarily, economically and diplomatically and on values — we are laying out a new vision that ensures our country is positioned to defend Taiwan for decades to come.

Graham echoed his support by saying, “It’s a miscalculation of how to keep the world in order. At every turn they take the weakest path. If you put this on the floor of the Senate it would pass overwhelmingly.”