A&W Root Beer Hilariously Pokes Fun At M&M’s ‘Spokescandies’ Announcement

A&W Restaurant | Source commons.wikimedia.org

In response to the Mars Corporation distancing the M&M brand from their spokescandies, A&W Restaurants stepped in to poke fun at M&M’s announcement, and the entire situation in general.

M&M’s found themselves mired in controversy after making changes to their iconic cartoon characters, causing sales to decline drastically.

M&M’s marketing team recently released a statement announcing they were taking an indefinite pause on their candies and making actress Maya Rudolph the face of the brand. This change comes as part of their effort to reverse the current situation.

In a clever move, A&W Restaurants decided to leverage the situation and released their own statement parodying M&M’s dramatic announcement. They announced that their “beloved spokesbear,” which is “literally a 6-foot tall bear wearing an orange sweater”, was controversial for not wearing pants. In order to address this issue, they announced the bear would now have pants.

While A&W Root Beer’s parody of Mars’ ‘Spokescandies’ may have broken new ground for there is still no word on if other brand’s cartoon characters will be dawning pants anytime soon. Looking at you Disney.