AZ Governor Katie Hobbs Didn’t Let Reporters Cover Her Inauguration – Laughs While Being Sworn In

Katie Hobbs Source:

Arizona’s new Governor Katie Hobbs prohibited the press from attending her inauguration.

Reporters instead set up outside of the event and were told to watch a livestream of the inauguration. There was, however, one photographer from the Associated Press allowed to be present to document the Democrat’s event.

According to The Arizona Republic columnist Laurie Roberts, “Arizona 24th governor, Katie Hobbs, assumed power at 10 a.m. on Monday and in her first official act, she decided to take the public’s business private. Not a great start.”

USA Today and AZ Central reporter covering Arizona’s governor, Stacey Barchenger, said “New year, new leadership in Arizona, new stakeouts because reports aren’t allowed into the 10 a.m. searting in of incoming Gov. @katihobbs. Here’s @Adrian_Fontes arriving for he joint swearing in.”

The move to limit reporter’s access also limited their ability to ask government officials questions.

Kari Lake War Room Twitter account pointed out that Kati Hobbs “laughed and giggled throught what was supposed to be a dignified procfess, and refused to say that she would support our constitution.”