Biden Administration Considers Reintroducing Family Detainment Policies at Southern Border

In a potential reversal of previous policy, the Biden administration is said to be contemplating stricter regulations on families who cross into the United States illegally. The move comes over a year after President Joe Biden had eliminated similar measures.

As per reports in The New York Times, officials within the Biden administration are currently debating whether to reintroduce family detainment policies. This comes as the administration prepares to end Title 42, which was established during Trump’s tenure and permitted Border Patrol agents to turn away migrants at the border citing health reasons.

The decision to eliminate family detainment policies in 2021 was part of an effort by President Biden to build a more “orderly, safe and humane” immigration system. However, with the latest discussions around reviving such policies, it remains unclear how this could impact the current state of immigration at the border.

The Biden administration has faced an unprecedented immigration crisis at the southern border since taking office. With illegal immigration hitting a historic high, officials fear that the numbers could worsen after Title 42 expires on May 11.

In an effort to tighten border security, officials have reportedly floated proposals to reintroduce family detainment. This move comes despite the administration’s previous stance that such practices were inhumane and posed harm to children of illegal immigrants. As per reports in The New York Times, officials have suggested limiting the detention period for families to two weeks or having no limits at all.

However, it is important to note that no final decision has been made on reviving family deportation. The discussions around this proposal continue within the Biden administration as they seek to address mounting concerns over immigration at the southern border.