Biden Administration Halts Trump’s Order To Make Insulin and EpiPens More Affordable For Americans

In what seems to be an effort to un-do Trump policies, Biden’s Department of Health and Human Services froze Trump’s executive orders that were intended to lower the costs of insulin and epinephrine; both of which are life-saving drugs.

The now-frozen Trump-era order requires health centers to pass “savings” to patients. If centers were to do this, they would be eligible for Federal grants.

Now, the Biden Administration has put a stop to this, claiming it’s in an effort to re-evaluate all of Trump’s policies.

As reported by, “This freeze is part of the Biden administration’s large-scale effort announced this week that will scrutinize the Trump administration’s health policies. If the previous administration’s policies raise “fact, law, or policy” concerns, the Biden HHS will delay them and consult with the Office of Management and Budget about other actions.”

While this is just a “re-evaluation” of Trump’s policies, the change does leave many Americans wondering just how long will this freeze be in effect. This question is particularly important for those who may struggle with paying for higher life-saving medication costs.