While Offering No Solution To Mass Shootings, Biden Says, ‘It’s Time To Act’

Gage Skidmore https://commons.wikimedia.org

While addressing the nation on Thursday, President Joe Biden called for tighter gun control laws. The POTUS urged congress, “It’s time to act.” His address following three mass shootings in as many weeks: Baltimore, Uvalde and Tulsa.

Biden claimed, “This is not about taking away anyone’s rights. It’s about protecting children, about protecting families. It’s about protecting our freedom to go to school, to a grocery store, to a church without being shot or killed.”

“We need to ban assault weapons and high-capacity magazines,” Biden said. “And if we can’t ban assault weapons, then we should raise the age to purchase them from 18 to 21, strengthen the background checks.”

Biden echoed the language in the “Protecting Our Kids Act” of banning semi-automatic weapons, banning “high-capacity magazines,” putting “red-flag” laws in place and repealing the immunity of gun manufacturers.

The “Protecting Our Kids Act” or H.R. 7910,  was debated by the House Judiciary Committee on Thursday.

The president pressed senators for action in the Thursday evening address.

“This time, it’s time for the Senate to do something,” Biden said, adding that 10 Republican senators need to be on board with any effort.

In the Senate, bipartisan efforts are underway. A group of senators led by John Cornyn, (R-Tx) and Chris Murphy (D-Conn), spent the week working to reach a deal on potential legislation that would address gun violence. State incentives to pass red flag laws, update school safety protocols and change background checks are on the table.

Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) and Sen. Richard Blumenthal (D-Conn), confirmed Monday that progress was underway as they hammered out details of revised “red flag” legislation they had co-sponsored in 2019. The senators said they hoped it wins sufficient GOP support to overcome a filibuster in the Senate.

However, that is easier said than done. GOP members historically remain a united front in opposition to any law limiting gun rights. The even 50/50 split in the senate lends to the unlikelihood of any legislation passing.