Biden Proposes Tens Of Billions In Aid for Israel, Gaza and Ukraine

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In a national address from the Oval Office, President Joe Biden spoke about his recent trip to Israel, where he observed the aftermath of attacks by Hamas. During the speech, the President detailed his administration’s plans to bolster support for Israel and Ukraine through significant aid packages.

President Biden is urging Congress to approve a $14 billion aid package dedicated to enhancing Israel’s defense capabilities, particularly the Iron Dome missile defense system. This move signals a clear stance from the U.S. administration, emphasizing its support for Israel and sending a firm message to Iran-backed groups in the region.

The President also emphasized the need for substantial support for Ukraine, proposing a separate $60 billion aid package to assist the nation in its ongoing conflict with Russian invaders.

Refuting misinformation, Biden highlighted that claims by the Hamas-led Palestinian Ministry of Health about Israel targeting a hospital, resulting in the death of 500 individuals, were baseless. These allegations have been conclusively debunked by high-ranking officials and specialists.

The legislative journey for these aid proposals might face hurdles in Congress. The absence of a Speaker of the House, due to a bipartisan vote which removed Rep. Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) from the role, could stall the process.

Additionally, President Biden’s recent decision to provide $100 million in humanitarian aid to Gaza has drawn criticism. Some experts and critics are concerned that the aid could indirectly support Hamas, and there is no evidence to suggest that the U.S. received any concessions, including the release of American hostages held by Hamas, in exchange for this humanitarian assistance.