Biden’s Approval Ratings Are Plummeting

When Biden first took office, his approval rating hovered around 50%. However, a recent poll found the Former Vice President stands at a 51% disapproval rate.

Released this weekend, an ABC News and Washington Post poll showed Biden had significantly dropped in favorability since the month of June.

According to Gary Langer, who oversees polling at ABC News said, “only two presidents have had a lower approval rating at this point in their terms: Donald Trump, at 37% in August 2017, and Gerald Ford, also 37%, in March 1975.”

Fox News said regarding Biden’s approval-rating decline, “Biden’s overall approval rating in the ABC News/Washington Post survey was fueled by a 14-point plunge in support among independents since late June and a significant slip among Democrats, from 94% approval to 86%. Republican disapproval of Biden – at 89% – was little changed from June.”

Many experts believe the decline has been due to the President’s handling of the chaotic withdrawl from Afghanistan, and the now-revealed conversations the aging president had with the then-President of Afghanistan. Many believe Biden could have prevented the death of 13 Americans and the stranding of hundreds of Americans in Afghanistan.