Biden’s “Circle Back Girl” Called Out For Migrant Facility Hypocrisy – Says They Aren’t Cages

Biden’s circle back girl (aka Jen Psaki) was challenged on the apparent hypocrisy of reopening the infamous Carrizo Springs, Texas facility that houses migrant children.

And the media shrugs their shoulders.

Using COVID as an excuse, Psaki told Peter Doocy the Biden Administration’s intention was to not expel unaccompanied minors. And, the Federal government needs a place to house these children, following CCP-virus protocol.

All of this is quite reasonable. But when viewed within the light of how this exact same facility was criticized during a single month of the Trump administration, it’s very difficult to not cringe at the blatant hypocrisy that is being shown here.

When Trump was President, the facility was filled with “kids in cages.” It was called a human rights abuse. Now, under the Biden administration, it is a “shelter for migrant children” and fact-checkers across the nation are quick to make that distinction.

Since the media lambasted Trump for what they called “kids in cages,” let’s take a look at what Biden is putting kids in.

They are putting them in modified storage containers.

Based on a photo taken from the center, we can see these containers are from “Moble Mini.” Here’s an expert from the manufacturer’s website.

Could you imagine how the media would have been covering this “facility” if Trump were President? Of course, you can. And, the hypocrisy is almost too much to handle.