Breaking: Israel To Buy $735 Million In Weapons From US

On Monday, the US Government has approved a $735 weapons sale to Israel. The approval follows a sharp escalation of violence between Israel and Palestinian terrorists.

The sale revolves around sending missiles and munitions to Israel. To date, terrorists have fired over 3,100 rockets into Israel. On Sunday, Secretary Blinken called for a de-escalation in violence on both sides of the conflict.

Mike Pompeo, who worked in the Trump Administration, called out the Biden Administration for having tried to restart the Iran deal saying, “The Biden Administration has distanced itself from Israel by attempting to revive the failed Iran deal, siding with the Ayatollahs over our ally. America must be strong and defend its allies without hesitation.”

The Jerusalem Post wrote, “Senior Palestinian Islamic Jihad commander Hassam Abu-Arbid was killed in an Israeli airstrike in the northern Gaza Strip Monday afternoon as rockets fired from the blockaded enclave continued to be fired towards southern Israel communities. The IDF said that Abu-Arbid, was killed in a joint operation with the Shin Bet intelligence services, commanded over the northern Gaza Strip brigade of the terror organization and was behind the launching of rockets and anti-tank guided missiles towards Israel.”