Christian Baseball Players Condemn Dodgers For Inviting Anti-Catholic Group To Pride Night

Los Angeles Dodgers are facing backlash after inviting the anti-Catholic group “Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence” to perform at their 2023 Pride Night in June. Christian professional baseball players are now speaking out against the team’s decision, calling for the event to be cancelled.

Washington Nationals’ Catholic pitcher took the lead on Monday in condemning the invitation.

Shortly after, Dodgers’ 34-year-old pitcher Blake Treinen issued a statement posted to Twitter via his friend Sean Feucht, blasting his team and employer. “I am disappointed to see the Sister’s of Perpetual Indulgence being honored as heroes at Dodger Stadium,” he said. “Many of their performances are blasphemous, and their work only displays hate and mockery of Catholics and the Christian faith.”

The “Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence” is a group of adult men who dress as perverted nuns. They openly sexualize Jesus Christ and degrade Mary Mother of God, while disparaging other key components of the Roman Catholic faith to encourage “sexual liberation.”

In one infamous incident, they tricked an archbishop into giving them the Eucharist, the most important sacrament of the Catholic faith, so they could defile it.

The Video Below Is Graphic And Intended To Demonstrate The Extreme Nature Of The Group And Reason For Backlash

While acknowledging that standing up for his Christian faith could come with consequences for his career and financial earnings, Treinen insisted that his convictions in Jesus Christ will always come first.

“This single event alienates the fans and supporters of the Dodgers, Major League Baseball, and professional sports,” he said. “People like baseball for its entertainment value and competition. The fans do not want propaganda or politics forced on them.”

Treinen also mentioned the Bud Light and Target controversy as a warning to companies and professional sports to stay true to their brand and leave the propaganda and politics off the field. Hours before Treinen released his statement Monday evening, Toronto Blue Jays pitcher Anthony Bass apologized for voicing his support for boycotts of Bud Light and Target over the two companies’ LGBTQ agenda.

The Dodgers are yet to respond to the backlash.