Concession: Loeffler Recognizes Loss In Senate Election

On Thursday, Kelly Loeffler officially conceded to Raphael Warnock, making Warnock a new Senator for Georgia.

Speaking to her constituents, Loeffler said, “I want to thank every Georgian and every single American who believed in me and our campaign. We accomplished so much in a short time, from delivering relief to hardworking Georgians during this pandemic to funding our rural hospitals and health care, advocating for our farmers, our veterans for school choice and families, for standing up for conservative American values.”

She added, “Unfortunately, we came up slightly short in the runoff election. And earlier today, I called Reverend Warnock to congratulate him and to wish him well in serving this great state,”

At the time of her concession, Warnock was leading Loweffler by 79,000 additional votes.