Cruz Suggests Media Losing Confidence in Biden’s Electability

Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX), in a recent episode of his podcast “Verdict,” expressed his view that mainstream media is beginning to lose faith in President Joe Biden. The Texas senator’s comments came in response to Biden’s dwindling popularity and the looming possibility of him facing former President Donald Trump in the upcoming November elections.

Cruz, alongside his co-host Ben Ferguson, discussed the potential implications of Biden’s decreasing poll numbers and the narrowing opportunity for the Democratic Party to nominate someone else. He stated, “I do think we are seeing the corporate media starting to turn on Joe Biden… when we said months ago that I believe there was a very significant chance the Democrat Party would pull the cord on Joe Biden, yank him out and replace him with Michelle Obama.”

The senator further added that the media and Democrats would be content to have Biden serve another term or more if they were confident about his victory. He opined, “They’re not worried that he’s incompetent to be president. They’re not worried that the Department of Justice says he’s not competent to stand trial. They’re not worried that he’s such a weak commander-in-chief that our enemies are attacking our allies and threatening America. They’re not worried that he lacks the competence to do the job. There’s only one thing they’re worried about: that he would lose.”

Cruz also predicted a potential shift in narrative from the media if the Democrats fail to replace Biden. He suggested that critics of Biden’s fitness for office might be accused of ageism and racism.

According to Senator Cruz, the media’s changing stance towards President Biden is primarily driven by concerns over his electability. As the November elections draw closer, the political landscape continues to evolve, reflecting the uncertainties inherent in this crucial political juncture.