Days After School Board Members Pose Maskless, Concerned Parent Forcibly Removed From Meeting For Not Wearing Mask

In the western part of New York state, a concerned parent was violently dragged out of a local school board meeting for not wearing a mask, while officials from that same meeting had, days earlier, tweeted a maskless picture of themselves standing close together.

A video was posted on Twitter showing Dave Calus, while waiting quietly for his turn to speak during a Tuesday school board meeting, being grabbed by his collar and forcibly pulled from the meeting.

During a discussion with Fox News, Calus detailed how he was asked twice to put on a mask. He politely declined both requests to cover his mouth with fabric.

It was at this time Calus can be seen being forcibly removed by security.

Warning: The following is unedited and contains explicit language

Days before the meeting, members of that same school board posed maskless and positioned close together.