DeSantis Condemns ‘Totally Inappropriate’ Pride Event at White House

Gage Skidmore

During a recent media interaction, Governor Ron DeSantis of Florida voiced his criticism of a Pride month event hosted at the White House, describing it as “totally inappropriate”.

The event, a part of the Biden administration’s Pride month festivities, drew controversy due to the actions of some transgender activists present.

DeSantis took issue with the administration’s decision to display the Pride flag, representative of transgenderism and the Black Lives Matter movement, in a more prominent position than the American flag during the event. He firmly disagreed with this, stating, “The American flag should not be overshadowed by any other.”

Further, DeSantis expressed his disapproval of a video that went viral, featuring transgender activist Rose Montoya, a male identifying as a female, removing his top after an interaction with President Biden and First Lady Jill Biden. Montoya was filmed covering his prosthetic breasts with his hands.

DeSantis challenged the suitability of such actions at the White House and also questioned the administration’s approach to LGBTQ+ education in schools. “If it’s inappropriate at the White House, why is it being pushed into classrooms?” he queried.

Reacting to the ensuing criticism, the White House conceded that the behavior exhibited in the video was “inappropriate and disrespectful”. A spokesperson clarified that it was not in line with the ethos of the event, which was to honor LGBTQI+ families. They further added that those involved in the incident would not be welcomed at future events.