Energy Expert Gal Luft Accuses Bidens of Corruption, Alleges DOJ Cover-Up

Gal Luft, an American-Israeli energy expert, has recently come forward with allegations of corruption against the Biden family and a cover-up by the Department of Justice (DOJ).

In a video statement obtained by the New York Post, Luft claimed that he had submitted evidence of the Biden family’s corruption to the FBI and DOJ in March 2019, just weeks before Joe Biden announced his presidential campaign.

Luft, who had been advising the now-defunct Chinese energy company CEFC for about four years, said he had offered to meet with the DOJ in 2019 to hand over evidence and information from Hunter Biden’s dealings with the company. However, he claims he did not hear back from the DOJ until he was arrested in Cyprus earlier this year on charges of illegal arms trading, acting as an unregistered foreign agent, and lying to the FBI.

Luft has been referred to as the “missing witness” in the House Republicans’ investigation into the Biden family’s business affairs. He also claimed that he informed the DOJ about a mole close to the FBI, known as “One-Eye,” who was allegedly leaking information about the FBI’s activities to the Biden family.

The energy expert has denied the charges against him and has called on the DOJ to release his indictment and the evidence against him to the public. He is currently in hiding from U.S. authorities in an undisclosed location after escaping from detention in Cyprus.

Luft has expressed doubts about receiving a fair trial in New York, stating that he believes the real context of his arrest and his role as the initial whistleblower in the Biden family investigation would be hidden from the jury.