Entire California School Board Resigns After Mocking Parents Pushing for Schools to Reopen

The office worker is packing things after resigning from work.
After making inappropriate comments and mocking parents that are pushing for schools to
reopen, an entire school board in California stepped down from their posts.
Lisa Brizendine, the former president of the Oakley Elementary School District Board, resigned first on Thursday, followed by Kim Beede, Erica Ippolito, and Richie Masadas.
The board believed their online meeting was private until Beede realized the meeting was open to the public.
Beede was heard talking about a parent she had a disagreement with, saying “if you are going to call me out I am going to [expletive] you up! Sorry! That’s just me.”
Former President Brizendine said “They want to pick on us because they want their babysitters back.”
After the meeting went viral, Oakley Union School District Superintendent Greg Hetrick stated“ There were unfortunate and truly inappropriate comments made that were heard by many.
These comments are not typical and more importantly, they are not what the community should expect from our school district.”