‘Societal Cancers’ – What You Need To Know About The Disastrous Control Of ESGs and Stakeholder Capitalism

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Justin Danhof, head of corporate governance at Strive Asset Management, denounced the “societal cancers” of ESG, stakeholder capitalism, wokeism plaguing the nation. Danhof defined the “societal cancers” as “whatever an interest group is trying to achieve the business they can’t get done at the ballot box” during a press conference with Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis on Wednesday.

Strive is a new startup investment firm fighting back against stakeholder capitalism.

“Nearly 250 years after we declared freedom from the British, we’re battling a new monarchy.” Danhof called it a “behenate ideological cartel” and declared their dismantling from within the “free market.”

Danhof noted Blackrock, State Street and Vanguard, the three major investment and advisory firms, collectively manage more than 20 trillion in assets. He added that is more than the U.S. gross domestic product totals.

“They use their shareholder vote and their financial influence,” Danhof said, “to politicize business on issues from climate to social justice.”

“Starting today, Florida is longer going to allow Blackrock and its ill to vote and advocate for shareholder initiatives that take money out of the pockets of Floridians to advance the policy preferences of the Davos and Wall Street crowds.”

Danhof continued by tackling the politicization of banking institutions. He underscored the commonsense factor that a banking relationship shouldn’t be decided by one’s politics, religion or social score, yet that is ongoing in society.

He vowed that Strive Asset Management would take a different approach by using their voice and vote to advocate for everyday Americans.

Asset Management operates upstream from corporate America and by leaving the politics to politicians Strive is getting back to the business of giving everyday Americans their voice back in the boardroom. He concluded, “At Strive, we hear you and we’ll fight for you.”