Father Attends School Board Meeting Dressed as Julius Caesar To Protest Teacher’s Gender-Fluid Attire

Source: Concord School District

A New Hampshire father in Concord made a bold statement at a recent school board meeting on Monday. Michael Guglielmo, who was banned from occupying an elementary school’s property, dressed up as Julius Caesar to drive his claims that the public school district is “facilitating gender confusion.”

“I am Caesar. Julius Caesar of Rome, the emperor. I am also a female,” Guglielmo stated emphatically. “Does anybody here believe that? That I am Julius Caesar? Anybody believe that? No, of course not. It’s ridiculous.”

Guglielmo called for the suspension of both CSD Superintendent Kathleen Murphy and Christa McAuliffe Principal Kristen Gallo for “facilitating gender confusion” by allowing an art teacher who identifies with the LGBTQ community to continue teaching in the elementary school.

Michael Guglielmo has been a vocal critic of art teacher Silas Allard, who identifies as a member of the LGBTQ+ community, for wearing traditionally female clothing during school hours. Guglielmo also took issue with Allard’s social media posts, which he deemed inappropriate for children.

Unfortunately, this conflict came to a head when Guglielmo was recently banned from visiting Christa McCauliffe Elementary School due to an interaction with Allard. According to a letter sent by CSD to Guglielmo, he had asked Allard to take a photograph and Allard agreed. However, when Guglielmo asked for Allard to pose, Allard declined. The letter claimed “the request borders on harassment.”

This incident highlights the ongoing tension between parents and educators over the appropriate role of LGBTQ+ issues in schools. While some argue that it is important to create safe spaces for students of all backgrounds and identities, others believe that such discussions are not appropriate in an educational setting.