FBI Won’t Oversee Biden’s Team’s Search For Classified Documents

Even though ten classified documents (so far) have been discovered to be improperly in the possession of Joe Biden, the FBI is not overseeing the former Vice President’s team ongoing effort to search for additional documents.

According to the Wall Street Journal, federal law enforcement authorities had considered attaching FBI agents to provide oversight of the searches. However, they decided against such a move, stating Biden’s team has been cooperative and would not need oversight.

The arrangement was determined after Biden’s attorneys met with DOJ officials and struck a deal to allow the search of Biden’s properties to continue without FBI overseeing the process.

Biden’s ongoing classified document scandal began on November 2nd, when classified documents were reportedly discovered at a pro-Biden think tank in Washington D.C. Republicans highlight how the discovery of classified documents occured right before midterm elections. But, the Biden camp did not disclose the event until January.

So far, there have been ten classified documents uncovered at Biden’s various properties. The documents were from the time when Biden was Vice President.

In light of the revelations, Republicans are demanding answers from the White House. They accuse the Biden administration, along with Democrats and media outlets, of having a double standard when it comes to classified documents. They compare how Biden has been treated for virtually the exact same circumstance.

Trump endured an unprecedented surprise raid on his home in Mar-a-Largo back in August.  The DOJ released photos of the documents obtained. Many of the photos seemed to be reminiscent of crime scene photos. During that time, the White House criticised Trump calling him “careless” for having classified documents.

House Committee on Oversight and Accountability Chairman James Comer demanded the White House produce logs of visitors entering Biden’s home. The Biden Administration and Secret Service have confirmed that no such logs exist.