Fox News Staffers Reportedly Leaving for Tucker Carlson’s New Venture

Tucker Carlson | Source:

Chadwick Moore, a biographer currently working on a project about former “Tucker Carlson Tonight” host Tucker Carlson, has made a startling revelation. According to Moore, nine former Fox News employees have already left the network to join Carlson’s upcoming venture.

In a recent tweet, Moore stated, “My sources have now told me nine former ‘Tucker Carlson Tonight’ staffers have left Fox News to join Tucker on his next venture. There are others who are waiting to leave as soon as a role opens up for them with Tucker. Each of the 9 approached Tucker, not the other way around.”

Moore also revealed that the person behind a recent controversial chyron referring to President Joe Biden as a “wannabe dictator” has also joined Carlson’s team. In response to a Twitter user’s comment, Moore confirmed, “He did.”

In a separate thread, Moore named Alex McCaskill, a former producer for “Tucker Carlson Tonight,” as one of the individuals who had left Fox News after a decade to join Carlson’s new team.

Moore further claimed that some of Carlson’s regular guests have refused to appear on Fox News following Carlson’s departure from the network. He stated, “Also quietly, many familiar faces from ‘Tucker Carlson Tonight’ are refusing to appear on Fox News since Tucker was bizarrely pulled off the air—and not just the ones who got blacklisted for writing a book about him.”