Gina Carano Strikes Back: Actress Files Lawsuit Against Disney After Controversial Firing

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Gina Carano, the former star of “The Mandalorian,” is taking legal action against Disney. This follows her controversial dismissal from the show three years ago due to what Disney labeled as “offensive” social media posts. The news was made public on Tuesday when Carano announced her lawsuit, which was filed in the U.S. federal court for the Central District of California.

Carano’s decision to sue was influenced by an unexpected offer from SpaceX founder, Elon Musk. In August 2021, Musk had expressed his willingness to foot the legal bill for anyone who felt they were unjustly treated by their employer over their social media activities. Carano’s lawsuit alleges wrongful termination, arguing that she lost millions of dollars in income as a result. She also seeks to compel Lucasfilm to rehire her for her role. Musk responded to her announcement with a tweet, inviting others to join the lawsuit against Disney.

The basis for Carano’s dismissal was a social media post in which she drew parallels between the current political climate and Nazi Germany. This led to severe backlash against Disney, with some of Carano’s co-stars standing up for her character. Following her dismissal, Carano partnered with The Daily Wire to work on a movie called “Terror on the Prairie,” which premiered in June 2022.

Carano expressed her feelings about the lawsuit in a series of tweets. She criticized Disney and Lucasfilm for their decision to terminate her contract, asserting that her posts were misinterpreted and used to paint her as an extremist. She stated that her posts were intended to provoke thought and maintain a light-hearted tone during challenging times.

Carano rejected accusations of racism and transphobia, questioning the basis for such claims. She also highlighted the double standards in Hollywood, noting that her male co-stars were allowed to express their views freely without facing the consequences she did.

She touched on her interactions with her co-stars since her dismissal, stating that their relationships were still amicable despite their differing views. She also thanked Elon Musk and the lawyers who decided to take up her case, expressing her desire to continue her passion for storytelling.

Finally, Carano expressed her gratitude to those who have supported her throughout this ordeal and affirmed her hope for justice and the restoration of her name. She ended her statement with a prayer for blessings upon all her supporters.