GOP Hopefuls Voice Strong Support for Israel in Third Primary Debate

Republican presidential candidates express their positions on Israel following the recent Hamas terrorist attack. During the third GOP primary debate, each candidate was asked about their stance on Israel’s war against Hamas and the support the United States should provide. Here are the highlights of their responses:

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis emphasized the need for Israel to finish the job with Hamas and called for the unconditional release of hostages. He criticized the media for blaming Israel and highlighted his own efforts to rescue Floridians stranded in Israel after the attack.

Former South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley stressed the importance of eliminating Hamas and supporting Israel with whatever they need. She also highlighted the role of Iran in supporting various terrorist organizations and the need for the United States to have Israel’s back in combating Islamic terrorism.

Pharmaceutical executive Vivek Ramaswamy stated that Israel has the right and responsibility to defend itself and suggested that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu should take strong action against terrorists on the southern border.

Senator Tim Scott urged Netanyahu to wipe out Hamas and emphasized the need for the United States to strike Iran to prevent attacks by its terrorist proxies. He advocated a policy of destroying evil rather than negotiating with it.

Former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie emphasized the obligation to protect Israel’s territorial integrity and the safety of its people. He called for measures to prevent a repeat of such attacks and urged the isolation of Iran by working with Western nations and Gulf States.

Each candidate had a unique perspective on the situation, but all expressed unwavering support for Israel’s right to defend itself and the need to combat terrorism effectively.