TX Gov. Abbott Rebukes New York Mayor’s Hypocrisy Over Illegal Immigrants

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Texas Gov. Greg Abbott aimed at New York City Mayor Eric Adams on Monday, shredding the first-time mayor for his hypocritical upset over a few illegal immigrants bused from Texas to NYC.

The mayor expressed opposition to Abbott’s actions in a Sunday press conference. A segment was posted on Twitter by CBS News.

The mayor denounced Abbott, claiming the Texas governor was not expressing the “democratic values” that America had long stood by. Adams made it clear that New York would welcome the displaced families, while he condemned Abbott for sending them to NYC “without direction.”

However, Adams recently complained that shelters in New York were overflowing with “asylum seekers,” and he urged the federal government to give NYC federal assistance immediately or basic services might not be available.

On Monday, Abbott responded to Adams’s remarks, and the Texan withheld no punches.

“What’s horrific is the thousands of illegal immigrants overrunning and overwhelming our border communities with populations smaller than a New York City borough, and Mayor Adams is hypocritically upset about welcoming a few dozen into his sanctuary city,” Abbott said.

“If the mayor wants a solution to this crisis, he should call on President Biden to take immediate action to secure the border-something the President continues failing to do,” the governor continued.

The New York Post reported Tuesday that more buses of immigrants were headed to NYC from Texas. Immigrant Affairs Commissioner Manuel Castro told the City Council’s Committee on General Welfare, “We’ve learned buses are arriving tonight and two more tomorrow.”

Castro also noted that the buses carrying illegal immigrants were arriving in the Big Apple “basically daily” and by various methods.

On Monday, The New York Post exclusively reported the city, quickly and quietly, plans to open a new processing center for migrants in Midtown Manhattan. It would house at least 600 migrant families. The city expects proposals from non-profit shelter operators by Wednesday (Aug. 10) ahead of the Aug. 15 opening. Meanwhile, City Hall announced Tuesday that 11 emergency shelters had opened to facilitate the immigrant influx, four in Manhattan, three in Queens, two in Brooklyn and two in the Bronx.

The scene is similar in Washington, DC, where Gov. Abbott began sending illegals in April.

To the Texas governor’s credit, he invited Mayor Adams and Mayor Bowser to the border to see what Texas and the other border states are dealing with daily.

Neither Adams nor Bowser took Abbott up on his offer.