Gov. Youngkin: Virginia Schools to Seek Parental Consent for Gender Identity Changes

Glenn Youngkin

In a significant move, Virginia’s Department of Education has implemented a new rule that mandates parental consent for students wishing to adopt a different gender identity in public schools.

The rule, which came into effect on Tuesday, stipulates that schools cannot accommodate a student’s request to be addressed by a different name or pronoun unless written permission is provided by the parent. Furthermore, students are required to participate in sports and use bathrooms that align with their biological sex.

Governor Glenn Youngkin, a Republican, has expressed support for the new policies, stating that they ensure parental involvement in their child’s education and uphold the dignity and respect of all students. The policies were developed after careful consideration of public comments, inputs, and concerns. They aim to empower parents, prohibit discrimination, and foster a safe and vibrant learning environment.

The policies have been applauded by parental rights advocates, who view them as a significant victory. However, they have also sparked protests among left-leaning activists across the state. Despite the controversy, the policies were approved this week following a public comment period.

The new policies underscore the importance of parental involvement in decisions related to their child’s education and personal development.