Governor Cuomo’s Former Aide Accuses Him of Years of Sexual Harassment, Will the Media Cover it?

Andrew Cuomo is often treated by the media as their ‘golden child.’ According to the major left-leaning so-called ‘news’ publications, he can simply do no wrong. Even in the face of his dastardly COVID-19 implementations that put the state of New York in second place for Coronavirus death rates.

Maybe it’s because of his brother, Chris Cuomo, and his career as a CNN talking head or perhaps it is Gov. Cuomo’s open pandering to radical leftist philosophies. Regardless of the reasons why, Gov. Cuomo never receives so much as a slap on the wrist from his major media enablers.

So earlier today when Gov. Cuomo’s former aide Lindsey Boylan took to Twitter to accuse him of sexual harassment, it should come as no surprise that many of the biggest news companies in America did not cover it.

The same thing happened with Tara Reade, Biden’s former staffer who accused him of sexual harassment. In Reade’s case, the media outright attempted to smear and slander her without giving her claims even the slightest bit of belief or recognition. Sadly, it currently appears Boylan and her story will go through the same fate. However, perhaps this is what Boylan wants. According to her, she has “no interest in talking to journalists” and that she fears ever having to “talk about and relive this.”

When taking into account the way the media treated Reade and anybody or anything that did not play into their narrative of ‘all leftists are angelic intellectuals,’ it is entirely understandable why Boylan does not want to go through a journalist with this kind of information. Whether it’s because of willful arrogance or blatant refusal, these companies are proving why independent publications are the future of the news industry.

So will CNN cover this story? Probably not, but their unwillingness to even report on the news that they don’t agree with will continue to dig their hole deeper and deeper.