Harrelson’s ‘Kennedy 2024’ Hat Sparks Debate, Reveals Hollywood’s Political Divide

Source: commons.wikimedia.org

A recent photograph of Hollywood actor Woody Harrelson has become the talk of the town, not for his cinematic achievements, but for his political leanings.

The image, shared by actress Cheryl Hines on her Instagram, captures Harrelson sporting a hat that reads “Kennedy 2024”, signaling his support for Democratic presidential aspirant Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Hines, who is wedded to Kennedy, was also featured in the image.

But the hat isn’t the sole point of contention. Harrelson has been known for his outspoken views, particularly his reservations about the measures taken during the COVID-19 pandemic. His recent stint on “Saturday Night Live” further highlighted his stance. In a satirical monologue, he painted a fictional scenario where global drug syndicates manipulate media and politicians, compelling the masses to remain indoors unless they partake in the syndicate’s drugs.

The digital realm was abuzz with reactions. Many, especially from liberal quarters, voiced their discontent over Harrelson’s apparent endorsement of Kennedy, a known skeptic of childhood vaccinations and certain COVID-19 measures.

The sentiment ranged from individuals feeling betrayed by Harrelson to some branding him as “anti-science.” This incident underscores the complexities of celebrity endorsements in the political and health arenas.