Israeli President Herzog Defends Nation’s Actions Amidst Accusations from CNN Reporter

Isaac Herzog at the joint state memorial service for the presidents and prime ministers of Israel who passed away, May 2022 | Source:

During a press conference on Thursday, Israeli President Isaac Herzog responded sharply to a CNN reporter’s implication that Israel was engaging in “war crimes.” Herzog emphasized Israel’s adherence to international law, especially in light of the recent attacks by Hamas.

The CNN reporter, Becky Anderson, questioned Israel’s actions, suggesting they amounted to “collective punishment” and a “war crime.” Herzog retorted, “Really? Truly? I just said that Israel abides by international law. Operates by international law. Every operation is secured and covered and reviewed legally.”

At the beginning of the press conference, Herzog commended the unity and resilience of the Jewish people during these challenging times. He highlighted the widespread volunteering, army mobilization, and mutual assistance within the community. “We shall definitely overcome. We shall definitely be victorious,” Herzog declared.

He also touched upon the anguish of families with kidnapped Israeli citizens, describing their pain and uncertainty. Herzog called on the international community to take immediate action to ensure the safe return of these individuals.

The Israeli President further urged the media to remember and share the stories of the victims, emphasizing the lasting impact of their pain even after the news cycle moves on.

When an ITV reporter inquired about potential diminishing international support for Israel due to its actions in Gaza, Herzog responded by emphasizing the need for nations to recognize the truth. He pointed out that Hamas had established a stronghold of malevolence in Gaza and refuted claims that Gaza’s civilians were unaware or uninvolved. Herzog recalled Israel’s past efforts for peace, including its unilateral evacuation from Gaza, which had hopes of turning the region into the “Hong Kong of the Middle East.” However, the reality has since evolved into a tragedy.

Herzog concluded by reiterating Israel’s commitment to international law and its determination to defend its homeland. “We are at war. We are defending our homes. We are protecting our homes. And when a nation protects its home, it fights. And we will fight until we break their backbone,” he affirmed.