Judge’s Smile Sparks Controversy in Trump’s Civil Fraud Trial

In a recent development at Donald Trump’s civil fraud trial in New York, the presiding judge, Arthur Engoron, has come under fire for his demeanor before the trial began. Footage from the courtroom, broadcasted by several news networks, captured the former president seated alongside his legal team. Not far behind was New York Attorney General Letitia James, the individual responsible for initiating the $250 million lawsuit against Trump, his family, and the Trump Organization over alleged business fraud.

The controversy arose when the camera focused on Judge Engoron, who seemed to acknowledge its presence. He was seen removing his glasses and grinning, followed by a shrug, before smiling at the camera once more. This behavior did not sit well with Trump’s supporters, especially since Trump had previously criticized Engoron, labeling him a “rogue judge.”

Jesse Binnall, one of Trump’s lawyers, though not representing him in this particular case, expressed his shock during a Newsmax interview, stating, “I’ve never witnessed such inappropriate behavior.” Other notable figures, including Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton and political commentator Julie Kelly, also voiced their concerns. The Citizen Free Press website went as far as to describe the entire situation as a “clown show.”

Stephen Miller, a key adviser during Trump’s presidency, provided a broader perspective, suggesting that the incident reflects a larger issue where the justice system is being used as a weapon against perceived enemies.

Interestingly, despite the initial footage, cameras were not permitted during the opening statements of the trial. This decision left many surprised, given that the earlier footage had been allowed.

During a recess, Trump didn’t hold back his feelings about Judge Engoron, especially after the judge’s recent ruling that found Trump liable for fraud. Trump told reporters, “We’re going to be here for months with a judge that already made up his mind. It’s ridiculous.” He further labeled Engoron as a “Democrat judge” and an “operative.”

As Trump navigates through various legal challenges, he remains in the political spotlight, actively campaigning for a potential return to the White House in 2024. Throughout these challenges, Trump has consistently maintained his innocence.