Justin Jones Reappointed as Interim Rep Following Suspension for Capitol Protest

Tennessee state capitol house chamber | Source commons.wikimedia.org

In a surprising turn of events, Justin Jones, a Tennessee state representative who was ousted for participating in the storming of the state house, has been re-appointed to his seat.

The decision was made by unanimous vote of the Nashville Metropolitan Council, which suspended a procedural rule to allow for Jones’ nomination and appointment to the seat in the same meeting. The Council voted 36-0 to appoint Jones back to his former position.

“This vote was unprecedented,” said Nashville Mayor John Cooper during the meeting. “Let’s give the district their voice back. I call this body to give them their voice back now.”

Jones, who is a member of the Democratic party, will serve as the interim representative for the 52nd legislative district until a special election is held. He is also eligible for re-election, according to The Tennessean. Jones, along with fellow Democratic Representative Justin J. Pearson, was expelled from the State House last week for breaking decorum rules after breaking into the chamber during the legislative session and leading pro-gun reform protesters in chants.

Jones was specifically criticized for shouting through a bullhorn, despite not being recognized to speak. The Republican supermajority in the State House ejected Jones by a vote of 72-25.