Kamala Is Continuing To Speak To Foreign Leaders On Behalf Of Biden

As is customary, an incoming President takes calls from world leaders. But, Kamala appears to be increasingly taking on that role.

According to the New York Post, this past Monday, Kamala spoke with French President Macron. This is the second call Kamala has had with a foreign leader, speaking on behalf of Biden.

Other official calls Harris has made on behalf of the President occurred in January when she spoke with Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau and the World Health Organization’s Director-General.

The New York Post highlighted the differences in propriety between the Trump and Biden administrations saying Mike Pence, when Vice President, “occasionally spoke directly by phone with foreign leaders, but that role generally was performed by former President Donald Trump, especially last year.”

In regards to what Kamala and Macron spoke about, the French leader sent out a Tweet on Monda saying, “Glad we had this first talk [VP] Kamala Harris! Let’s move forward together on all the challenges we face: climate, gender equality, regional crises, and our space cooperation with (hopefully) a new step this Thursday with Perseverance’s landing on Mars!”

Back in May of last year, when on the campaign trail, Biden had referred to himself as a “transition candidate.”