Kamala Mocked For Saying – ‘Nobody Should Have To Go To Jail For Smoking Weed’

Vice President Kamala Harris received criticism over the weekend, after she made a statements regarding Biden’s marijuana offence pardon, and how people should have never been incarcerated for having the currently-illegal substance.

She said, “And speaking of the system of justice. We are also changing. Y’all might have heard that this week…the federal government’s approach to marijuana.”

She went on to say, “Because the bottom line there is nobody should have to go to jail for smoking weed.”

Her comments come after the co-called October surprise, where former Vice President Biden announced a pardon for all previous federal drug convictions related to marijuana.

After making the comments, Kamala received a vast amount of criticism. The backlash focused on Kamala’s previous record as DA in San Francisco. In that position, she over saw over 1,1500 convictions related to marijuana. Kamala’s record of putting marijuana offenders in jail has been a sticking point for the Biden administration, particularly because the  actions taken by her office disproportionately impacted minority groups.

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