Legal Clash: Fox News Sends Cease-and-Desist to Tucker Carlson Over Twitter Series

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Legal correspondence has been issued to Tucker Carlson, an ex-star of Fox News, by the network in response to his newly initiated Twitter commentary series, as reported by Axios.

Last week, Carlson commenced his Twitter-based series, “Tucker On Twitter,” which Fox News argues breaches their existing contract. His premiere 10-minute discourse on the platform captivated approximately 115 million viewers, and a follow-up piece garnered close to 55 million views. According to Axios, the legal document, labeled “NOT FOR PUBLICATION,” discloses that Fox News continues to compensate Carlson and holds exclusive rights to his content till his contract concludes at the end of 2024.

The legal proceedings initiated against Carlson come after Justin Wells, a previous Fox News staffer and Carlson’s producer, hinted at an upcoming episode of “Tucker on Twitter” responding to former President Donald Trump’s federal indictment.

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Harmeet Dhillon, a legal representative of Carlson, opined that this maneuver by Fox News seeks to suppress Carlson’s voice until the conclusion of the 2024 presidential race. “Fox News appears to disregard its viewer’s interests and its fiduciary duties,” Dhillon stated to Axios. She added, “Insisting on a critical programming blunder, Fox News now demands that Tucker Carlson withhold his commentary till the 2024 election.”

However, she clarified, “Tucker will not be constrained by anyone.”

On Twitter, Dhillon further cited Fox News’ latest action as the reason behind her withdrawal from appearances on the network. “Many have wondered, ‘why aren’t you on Fox anymore?’ – This is the reason,” she said. “I remain staunchly devoted to the principles of free speech and the unimpeded dissemination of information vital for a democratic society.”

Carlson hit back at Fox News’ initial accusations by insisting that it was the network who had violated their contract. He also lodged allegations of deceit against the network. A source connected to the legal team of Carlson informed Axios that they posit Twitter doesn’t compete directly with Fox News