Lewiston Mass Shooting: Survivors Recall Terrifying Moments

Source: Androscoggin County Sheriff's Office

In a terrifying incident on Wednesday evening, a male assailant opened fire at two venues in Lewiston, Maine, resulting in at least 22 fatalities.

The two venues under attack were the Schemengees Bar and the Just-In-Time Recreation bowling alley, also known as Sparetime Recreation according to its official signage. The incident triggered immediate shelter-in-place directives.

The local police are fervently searching for Robert Card, labeled a “person of interest” in this devastating event.

A witness at the bowling venue, Brandon, shared his ordeal with The Associated Press. He said he initially confused the gunshots, which numbered around ten, with the sound of balloons bursting. Recalling the terror, Brandon mentioned, “When I realized the noise wasn’t from balloons but a man with a gun, I ran for my life.” In the chaos, Brandon sought refuge in the machinery of the bowling alley. After the incident, he and other survivors were escorted to a middle school in Auburn, where they met with their loved ones. Brandon poignantly recalled, “I was in the midst of putting on bowling shoes. For the last five hours, I’ve been without them.”

Another distraught witness, identity not disclosed, remarked, “The entire situation was chaotic. Words fail me.” The individual added, “Many acquaintances of mine frequent that bowling alley. Tragically, one of them lost her life there last night. I’m still in shock.”

The bowling alley was hosting an event for young people on the evening of the incident. However, any connection between Card and the event or the venue remains unclear.

Expressing their heartbreak, Schemengees Bar & Grill posted on Facebook: “It’s heartbreaking. Our community has lost wonderful members. Such a tragedy leaves us grappling for answers. Our thoughts are with everyone affected.”

Officials have cautioned residents about Card, describing him as “armed and dangerous,” and appealed for any information regarding his location.

Melinda Small, proprietor of Legends Sports Bar and Grill, which is in proximity to the bowling alley shooting site, mentioned that security measures were immediately heightened at her establishment, ensuring the safety of around 25 patrons and employees.

Local authorities have instructed residents of Lewiston to remain indoors and secure their homes. They have also sealed off roads around the crime scenes.

Reports reveal that Card is adept in firearms, having a background in military training. He underwent psychiatric care for a fortnight in the recent summer.

FBI Boston is collaborating closely with local and state law enforcement. In an official statement, they said, “We are in constant coordination with our partners in Maine, offering any necessary assistance, be it investigative or tactical support, as well as help for the victims. We urge the public to stay alert and immediately report any suspicious activity. As the situation continues to evolve, we direct further queries to the Maine State Police.”