Defeated Liz Cheney Considers a 2024 Presidential Campaign After GOP Primary Defeat

Rep. Liz Cheney (R-Wy) congratulated her GOP challenger and Wyoming primary winner, Harriet Hageman, on Tuesday night, then turned her thoughts to the presidential election in 2024.

On Wednesday, Cheney stopped short of announcing her presidential candidacy on the TODAY Show, but she did indicate the thought had crossed her mind.

She also doubled down on her stand to keep Donald Trump away from Pennsylvania Avenue.

“I will be doing whatever it takes to keep Donald Trump out of the Oval Office,” Cheney said.

During her concession speech from the Mead Ranch near Jackson Hole, Wyoming, Cheney compared her primary loss and determined efforts to “take down” Donald Trump to other Republicans from the past, Abraham Lincoln and Ulysses S. Grant, respectively.

Although beaten in House and Senate races, Lincoln went on to prevail in the presidential race. After losing thousands of soldiers during the Battle of the Wilderness, Grant turned toward Richmond and General Robert E. Lee’s forces instead of retreating and ultimately won the Civil War.

Embattled congresswoman’s spokesperson, Jerry Adler, told Politico that in the coming weeks, Cheney was launching an organization to “educate the American people about the ongoing threat to our  Republic.” The new organization will serve as Cheney’s primary political medium after her term in congress concludes. It doesn’t have a name yet. However, Politico reporter Eugene Daniels guessed “The Great Task,” reasoning that Cheney used portions of Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address in her concession speech and specifically used the last line of Lincoln’s famous 1863 speech where he referenced the great task.