Mitch McConnell Experiences Brief Pause During Press Conference, Plans to Consult Physician

Mitch McConnell | Source:

In a recent press conference in Covington, Kentucky, Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell experienced a noticeable pause lasting over half a minute while fielding questions from journalists.

When asked about his plans for the 2026 re-election campaign, McConnell seemed momentarily disoriented, responding, “What’re my thoughts about what?” After the reporter clarified the question, McConnell remained silent for an additional 10 seconds. An aide then intervened, prompting the senator to acknowledge the question.

McConnell, appearing to regain his composure, said, “I’m okay,” as a second aide joined him. He then proceeded to answer a few more questions from the media. According to a spokesperson for McConnell, the senator “felt momentarily lightheaded” but is otherwise fine.

The spokesperson added that McConnell will consult a doctor before his next public appearance as a precautionary measure. This incident marks the second time in a month that the veteran Republican senator has had such a pause during a press event. On the previous occasion, an aide informed Fox News Digital that McConnell “felt light-headed and stepped away for a moment.”