Multiple Casualties Reported In Downtown Louisville Shooting Incident

Louisville Skyline | Source:

A horrific shooting incident took place early Monday morning in Louisville, Kentucky. An assailant opened fire inside the Old National Bank near Louisville Slugger Field, resulting in nearly a dozen people sustaining gunshot injuries.

Governor Andy Beshear, representing the Democratic Party of Kentucky, issued a statement confirming the incident, saying, “LMPD has confirmed a shooting situation in downtown Louisville with multiple casualties. I am headed there now. Please pray for all of the families impacted and for the city of Louisville.”

The authorities were immediately notified after the incident, and the emergency services were promptly dispatched to the scene. Eyewitnesses reported a chaotic scene in which people frantically attempted to seek cover amid the sounds of gunfire.

As of now, the reasons behind the attack remain unknown, and the identity of the assailant has yet to be determined. The Louisville Metro Police Department has been investigating the incident and has urged the public to remain vigilant and report any possible leads. This shooting has left the city in shock and mourning for the affected families.